About me

Q: Where the undefined did you get this pseudonym from?

A: I play Threes! a lot (I have yet to get 6144, however), and the 6144 tile is named "Volleo" (and all the names are localized if you set your phone language to something other than English!). Oh, also I finally got the 3072 tile!!

Q: This is also totally unrelated, but how should I get into programming?

A: I personally took the route of learning JavaScript first (to an extent) when I was eight, and then I started learning other programming languages some time later. In retrospect, JavaScript probably isn't a good programming language to start off with (although automatic semicolon insertion partially helps). I would recommend Python first.

Q: What's "whalend3072"?

A: Just as Volleo was the name of the 6144 tile in Threes!, Whalend was the name of the 3072 tile, and I ended up using this one as a name for any alts I may have on some things (and no, I generally don't use alts to circumvent bans). All the tiles below 3072 have a "T" at the start of their name, and you can find all the graphics here. (Game website)

Q: Your opinions on US politics?

A: Affordable healthcare, for one: I want you to someday be able to go to the hospital when necessary without missing the next five years' rent (however, I personally was born into a particularly rich family). I'm also particularly pro-choice, because, while a fetus may be an actual person, unintentional pregnancies do happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them, and first-trimester abortions are the majority of abortions anyway (third-trimester abortions usually only happen if the mother would literally die during childbirth). I can't believe this is political, but yes, the coronavirus is a real thing and you should wear a mask so that, if you're sick but aren't showing any symptoms yet, you don't accidentally give it to your 69-year-old mom with preexisting conditions. I'm totally for self-defense rifles being legal (2A), but, like, actual assault rifles should still be relegated to the military. And no, locking children in cages and/or separating them from their parents over things that their parents did is not okay.